"They look like Jews, only bigger."

The newest new Jew? The American Jewish baseball player. Oh, New York Times, sometimes you get it just right: Wanted: Jewish Ballplayers.


Kosher: It's All Kinds of Cool

Who says eating kosher isn't hip? Clearly not the American food market. NPR's The Salt reported last week that "kosher" is "the hottest word on food labels." Go figure....


I love the Internet

Feeling hungry? Curious about the array of snacks available to you? Check out snackdata.com, where all your dreams might come true.


How deep are your pockets?

I read a book about whiskey while travelling in Ireland. 99 Drams was prompted when the reader saw someone purchased the most expensive bottle of whiskey recorded for something like $20K.

Recently I was in a restaurant and saw a bottle of wine that was over $500. It got me to thinking, "how expensive is the most expensive Kosher wine?" The Googlerav had this to report back.

One bottle of Kosher wine, or 341 boxes of Franzia (Sunset Blush)? You decide.

PS - my favorite quote: "The rare books thing is not being picked up so much by the 30-year-olds. Unlike their fathers, who are our clients, they aren't necessarily interested in the Venetian Talmuds..."